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RDC Photography ensures unique quality photography Calgary and specializes in documentary wedding photography. We just love to capture the unparalleled qualities of you and your dear ones. Every couple has a unique love story and style. RDC Photography will capture your wedding with discretion and professionally while bringing our substantial proficiency and experience within the ambiences of journalism, high fashion and weddings. We describe our wedding photography style as “delectable and contemporary.

We should congratulate you as you are sincere in your heart. It’s time to make you look special. Obviously, you want everything to be ideal; you’re shooting location, your backgrounds, your dress… and most importantly, your memories. We at RDC Photography are committed to capture pictures on your behalf, a professional, fun and trendy style assured you make your heart filled with joy.

WeWith all the advice, necessary information and concepts thrust to you, you will surely be a little bit overwhelmed in multiple aspects. Give us the chance to clear your general misconceptions about photography by rendering you something which you will not find in other Calgary photographers.

WeGetting the appropriate photographer in Calgary may be a tricky business when there are various choices to be selected from. We would love to render you with some beneficial tips to assist you in getting what you are looking for.

WeOne of the foremost questions that may arise in your mind is “Will I get the negatives or the CD of all the pictures” Although the right answer to this question demands some lessons in photography, you should understand that if you are straightaway catered CD of all your photographs, you will get inferior quality images.

WeIt is because pictures are captured in a couple of ways, as a Jpeg or a raw file. Pictures straightaway copied in a CD are capture as Jpegs, which are generally compressed files. This entails that the second the photography is taken, it may be already corrupted, and the damage is not reversible.

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